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PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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Details for the PVC Combustion Spudgun

Check out how a traditional (combustion) spudgun can be configured online then shipped to you door in as little as one day! (depending on my work load) Units normally ship in as little as 12 hours direct from the factory. However due to order volume and material availability there will be a delay and should ship in 4 to 6 weeks.

A spudgun in a novelty item which is intended to launch projectiles such as potatoes and other fruit/vegetable mater (now expanding into other areas like tennis balls) for recreational purposes ONLY (i.e. it makes a LOUSY weapon, offensively or defensively). A combustion based spudgun is powered by a flamable vapor (such as hair spray, deoderant, or propane) that is ignited using a BBQ sparker there-by propelling the spud great distances

Unit pictured here is a simple, no-frills combustion unit, 1.5" barrel attached to 1.5:1 chamber, regular BBQ ignition.

NO PURPLE DYE!! The SGTC uses only clear primer. No more unsightly purple rings or runs.

Combustion Chamber Selection:

Standard size combustion chamber is constructed from 4" diameter pipe and fittings giving chamber to barrel volume ratios of 1:1, 100% the barrel volume. This represents a typical combustion launcher, and gives an appreciable bang upon launching. Chamber size scaled as per barrel selection made, ranging from 5 to 15 inches in length.

Available Upgrades:

--Step it up to 1.5:1, 150% the barrel volume, 50% bigger than normal, for even more projectile energy and a much louder report!

Barrel Diameter, Length, and Connectivity:

Standard as three feet long, connected directly to the chamber, in 2 diameters (1.5", 2") for your choosing. Suitable for launching potatoes or similar low-density naturally occurring vegetable items.

A muzzle knife (sharpened end of the barrel for easy loading of potatoes) is standard on 1.5 and 2" barrels. Not available on 2.5" barrels. Available


--Make the barrel longer. A four foot barrel will provide more projectile energy and greater range. Must be detachable due to oversize limitations for regular shipping. Four feet is about the longest you can practically deploy on a combustion launcher and still be able to hold it. --

--Make it detachable. Being able to remove it from the combustion chamber makes it easier to transport and makes it easier to attach a different barrel in the future. If your barrel is detachable, ask about getting additional different barrels for your launcher that can all be attached to that chamber.

--Get a tennis ball barrel (2.5" diameter) for super power serves! Not recommended for serving at a person however, as ball speeds can exceed 200 MPH upon launch. Also can be used for GIANT potatoes if you can find 'em big enough! Must be detachable.

Ignition System:

-- Piezo-electric BBQ starter for a high voltage air spark based ignition. This is standard on all launchers built these days. (I no longer use the flint type sparker. I decided that it was not a very user friendly system.) Uses a single pair of stainless steel screws for placing the spark in the center of the chamber.

Available Upgrades:

--Have your chamber rival that of airplane or dragster engines with Dual Ignition! Two sets of stainless steel electrodes in series provide two sparks at exactly the same time in two different locations at the fore and aft of the chamber, dramatically increasing burn rate and launcher performance.

Other Goodies:

--Add single or dual pistol grip handles to make holding/wielding/firing more convenient. The ignitor is mounted to the side of the handle for easy firing by pushing the button with your thumb.

--Get a Ramrod to load potatoes easily to the same depth every time. Lightweight with a flat end nearly as big as the barrel for a better leading edge on the spud.

--Rifle the barrel! Primarily increases safety as spuds actually go in a straighter line. Experimentally verified improvements in spud flight-paths produces groups twice as tight as with conventional smoothbore barrels. Sorry, not available with 2.5" diameter barrel.

--Paint it in a multitude of single colors. It's not an automotive finish, but I don't just hose it down with cheap spray paint either; PVC surface is cleaned, prepared with a fine sandpaper, and primer coated before color coat. Makes it much more presentable rather than just standard 'PVC white' with the ASTM markings still on the pipe. I don't stock painted configurations so it will take a few extra days to ship a painted launcher, to let the paint sufficiently cure for packaging.

--Add a propane metering device for precision injection of the right amount of propane fuel every time in only a few seconds. Fully installed on the launcher; just add a standard small (~1 pound) propane tank.

Below is a picture of different combustion spudguns fearturing various features and levels of complexity.

More Pictures
This is how a standard propane meter looks fully installed. The A good example of dual ignition.

You can order this launcher in the Spudtech Store.


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