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PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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Details for the SP93xx Air Cannon

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Guaranteed to be the envy of that neighbor that always has to be better that you!!!!

The SGTC Model SP93XX Air Cannon. My most popular High-Power air cannon!

Over-and-Under 3.5:1 ratio multiple barrel attachments, Supah-Valve controlled with convenient trigger system. Pressure gauge, Schrader valve, pop-off valve, chamber fill control valve, all the bells and whistles. This picture shown with a 4 foot long, 2.5" tennis ball barrel. This thing is a real BEAST!!!! BIG!! (almost 5' long) LOUD!! (not recommended for firing in confined spaces) EXCESSIVELY POWERFUL!! (actually has a substantial amount of recoil when fired) If you are looking for the "Daddy of all spudguns" as a few of my customers have put it, this is the launcher for you!!!

Here is a picture of me holding a smaller version of the 93XX. The chamber on this one is only 2 feet long rather than 3. This one also has a chamber fill valve and a Supah-plus upgrade. I also drilled 12 offset holes in the bell end of a piece of 2 1/2" pipe for a cool looking muzzle break. Note the Stainless steel clamp that binds the barrel and chamber together.

This launcher is not for the mild or meek. I also don't recommend firing one of these animals in the city. With just a potato, this launcher will blast through multiple sheets of 3/4" plywood. A tennis ball shot straight up in the air will achieve hang-times of over 20 seconds. A golf ball will dissapear from site almost instantly. (if you even see it leave the barrel) With heavy projectiles, the recoil is strong enough to cause bruises if the user is not holding on tightly. (trust me, I've beat myself up more than once with one of these things) A ton of fun to play with but this is definately a BIG BOY,S TOY!!!!

A customer testimonial:


Sorry for the delay in sending positive feedback but I have been having too much fun with my new super cannon. For all those who have been admiring Joel's handywork and not yet puchased, BUY NOW! I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and power that my cannon has provided. Everything that Joel promises on the site is delivered in the product. I built many of my own launchers and some were entertaining but had I ordered my launcher first I would have saved countless hours scouring the net, building, modifing, testing, and starting over...things Joel has already done and perfected. As a science teacher I also love the lessons in force, pressure, volume, energy, and projectile motion I have been able to bring into my classroom in a way that the kids love. I will be sending pictures and video to the site as soon as I can. Joel, thanks again.

Ron Browning

You can order this launcher in the Spudtech Store.


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