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PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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Other sites with cool spudgun stuff.

The official SGTC compilation of other sites around the grid that pertain to spud launching.

If you would like to trade links to your spudgun site here please check out the guidelines given at the bottom of this page then contact me.

Listed sites in no particular order: 

Other links of potential interest:

Yes this site is definitely commercial but the SGTC will link to your spudgun related site provided the following is observed:

  • Since this site is well established, it is required that a text link to this site's main page,  and titled 'The Spudgun Technology Center' be placed on your link page. Your link will appear within seven days upon confirmation of the SGTC appearing on your site.
  • Your site must be sufficiently developed toward some form of informational, instructional, or commentary concerning the subject of spudguns. This does not mean your site must be 200 pages, 50MB, and maintained by 5 full time webmasters; just to keep out the ones with one or two paragraphs about spudguns and a full-saturation of revenue advertising banners pointing to offshore gambling sites....
  • Sites pushing or asking/pleading surfers to check out their 'amazing deals' for whatever form of Internet scam money will not fly either. If it is a freeserver banner, you can't help that, so it might make it in.
  • A site offering spudgun related stuff for sale is obviously a conflict of interest to this nothing personal, but, no link for you.
  • Please maintain the quality of your content and try to keep up with broken links on your site. Nobody likes a site that doesn't load right, it dated four years back, or nothing works on it.
  • Stuff I deem highly dangerous (explosives, other unacceptable sections to your site, detailing instructions that could be very hazardous, outright false or misleading information, even if you don't know get the boot)
  • Sites which adversely affect the browser software, operating system, or computer will not be considered. I will accept Geocities sites unless they mess up my computer, as soon as that happens, I will take them down. Sites that load excruciatingly slow will be removed, and I have a cable modem to test this with. The SGTC will remove links to such sites without warning.



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