Increase accuracy and safety with new rifled barrels!


PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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The SGTC R&D center

Welcome to the Spudgun Technology Center R&D center, where some of the coolest stuff in the spudlaunching world is designed and tested!!

It should be fairly evident that I am taking this spud launching thing too a whole new level.......but I suppose it is a hobby (job for me) enjoyed by many people of all ages so I try to make it fun and educational! I am pretty much married to my shop so I might as well come up with some cool stuff when I have the time.

Rifled PVC barrelstock.

Introduced in February 1999, the SGTC has performed field testing and confirmed previous theoretical calculations--that the modified barrels actually contribute to an increase in accuracy, and even more important safety. Testing for any range increase due to the barrels was not performed due to time restrictions while at the testing site. Nonetheless, view the Full Report to see experimental results. Barrels are now manufactured in 1.5" and 2" sizes on the spot in my shop. Here are pictures of what the modified barrels look like and and range setup for testing the barrels:

Schedule 80 rifled pipe is also available.

See the SGTC close-quarter double-valve system of regular sprinkler valves, currently featured on the Army Tennis Ball Launcher and another close quarter valve system; not quite as compact but easier to do with conventional pipe fittings.

Introducing the Chambah-Chain! Only one photo but described here: 1" x 2" x 1/4" PE chain melt-processed into specially prepared chunks of a 3" coupler, and then secured with PVC cement to the inside of the 4" pipe of the spudgun chamber. Chain length, slack, and orientation with respect to the ignition electrodes prevent entanglement. Very useful for oversized chambers (say over 14" in length) to facilitate mixing of the air and fuel, especially when not carbureted well.

And some additional ideas for research/production: I know this has been talked about far too much here with no show but I swear it will be made someday: the FULLY AUTOMATIC belt fed 1" bore spudgun. I've got tons of drawings and the rest in my head but its just a matter of time before that will be done. Pessimism sucks but it might be 2010 before that one gets off the truck.

Other activities the SGTC is investigating or working on (albeit slowly):

  • Dual-chamber, dual Supah-valve+plus, single barrel 'Mega-Launcher'!! This monstrosity has over 2000 cubic inches of chamber volume and a 8' long, 3" barrel. Designed to throw 20 oz soda bottles (full) a long, LONG, way!! Maybe I'll get a promo deal from Mountain Dew!?!?
  • Harpoon launcher!! Ok, This is a bit of a deviation from the basic spud/tennis ball launcher!! It's built but.....didn't work out quite as well as planned.  It looks awesome and is DEVISTATING out to about 50 feet....but the original performance vs.price requirements didn't match up.  It's a real hit at parties....I load one of my 24" shop brooms down the barrel and shoot it into the tree accross the street.  3lbs.---150 feet...pretty cool!!! 
  • High-power water cannon. Move over Super-soaker!! When this baby hits the market, it will redefine the term "squirt gun"!! High capacity backpack unit and constant pressure capabilities will take water warfare to the next level. Check back for updates.

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